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Mail Tribune 100, Sept. 3, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Sept. 3, 1919


The preliminary hearing of Willis E. Carter, the Los Angeles auto thief and would-be jail breaker is being held this afternoon before Justice Taylor on the charge of having broken into the Medford Service Station and stealing articles valued at $200 therefrom.

Carter is quite indignant over the fact that the Los Angeles police have placed his wife under arrest, and claims that it is an unwarranted piece of persecution, as no matter what crimes he has committed his wife is innocent of any wrong doing.

Despite his shrewdness the authorities have been playing horse with the alleged desperate young criminal in the matter of the age of Sheriff Terrell and Chief of Police Timothy. In Roseburg it got his goat so to speak when he was told that Chief Timothy was only lacking a few months of 70 years of age. As is well known to Medford people Sheriff Terrell, who is only 53 years old, looks to be much older than the chief, and he was introduced to Carter in the Roseburg jail as the chief’s father and was kept on this string for a long time.

But Carter still believes Timothy is a much younger man than he is. While he was in Medford yesterday for his arraignment he was in the custody of the chief at short intervals and in climbing the stairs to Prosecutor Robert’s office together the handcuffed prisoner as he saw the chief bound up the stairs two at a time finally blurted out: “Say, where do you get this stuff about your being 70 years old. You can’t make me believe any tale like that.”


Today’s rain, which set in shortly before 10 a.m. and which was the first fairly good rain since last spring means much to the yet unpicked fruit crops of the valley, as it will greatly aid in rounding out and developing the late pears and the apple crop. It will also aid in giving the apples color. The rain if it continues will have a tendency to injure the third crop of alfalfa still down, but it is reported that not much is down in the valley. This forenoon’s precipitation also stopped the picking on the orchards.

It was the general opinion that the rain would continue to fall intermittently for several days at least.

The last rain to be welcomed in the valley before today was on Aug. 10, when .03 of an inch fell. There were slight rains this summer amounting to only traces, two in June, two in July, and one the latter part of August.

The precipitation of today while not heavy up to early afternoon, yet fell in sufficient quantities to start the water flowing in the gutters and to change the dust into mud. An additional good feature of this rainfall is that it will clear away the forest fires smoke which has been in the valley for weeks and make the roads much better.

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