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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 4, 1919 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 4, 1919 Continued


The young American tenor, Theo. Karle, who is making his seventh coast-to-coast singing tour, and who will sing at the Page on Monday night is the living refutation of the well known Bismark’s statement that “A tenor is a disease,” and he takes violent exception to the charges of the dead warrior.

“Do I look like a disease?” he bellowed at a very tame interviewer recently. (Although not a basso, he really did bellow!) When one is as thoroughly alive and the embodiment of perfect health and radiant vitality as Theo Karle, it is extremely difficult to associate him with illness of any kind. Continuing he said: “If Bismark were here it would be considerably easier to say that Bismark and Bismarkism are diseases, but perhaps after all, the remark was meant in a humorous way, although I have never heard Bismark accused of a sense of humor.”

“I have met these humorists before. Without knowing my profession, a man in New York once assured me that ‘A quartet is three singers and a tenor,’ to which I replied with a somewhat mirthless laugh, and asked if he had ever heard a real tenor. He said he had not, but he thought the quotation funny. It was probably funny at the expense of the truth.

“When I have finished this tour I intend to start a little Society for the Removal at Sunrise of those who say funny things to Tenors.

“Please say for me that I am not a disease and that I am not the disastrous end of a quartet. I think that quotation ought to read, ‘a quartet is three singers and a basso.’ It sounds much funnier to me!”

Theo. Karle at the Page, Monday 8:15 p.m.


Two airplanes were in the city this forenoon and each was very businesslike and only did straight flying. The first one did not stop here, but appearing from the south flew very high over the valley and city at 9:30 o’clock, and was last seen going in the direction of Grants Pass. The other plane which arrived later, was the forest service patrol DeHavilland on its regular visit here from Eugene. It flew low around the city a few minutes and then departed northward.


Oregon Product Week will be observed in Medford Oct. 13th to 18th. 125 business men from Portland, Oregon, will arrive in Medford, Monday morning, Oct. 13th, on a special train. This is the first day of Oregon Products week in Medford and all merchants should have the best window displays they can make.


Relative to apple box shortage situation the Grants Pass Courier says: “The Pine Box factory is still running a night shift, turning out fruit boxes for Rogue river ranchers. I. A. Robie, the manager, states that his factory is way behind with orders and that Medford is calling for every available box they can secure. This morning a southbound freight train was held up for an hour or two while the last of a carload of apple boxes were being turned out at the factory. Medford needed them very badly.”

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