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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 20, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 20, 1919


London. — A story of how one Irish poutheen maker, as they call moonshiners in Ireland, managed for a long time to escape detection is so good that it is being told all over the country.

The English revenue officers had detected so many stills by the smoke arising from the fires that the man in question, who occupied a house adjoining, connected his flue with the chimney of the barracks of the Royal Irish Constabulary and his distillery remained undetected until someone betrayed him.


Accompanied by Mrs. A. W. Walker the two young couples who eloped from Medford to California a week ago, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Allen, arrived in the city last night from Chico, Calif., having returned by auto.

The Chico Journal contains the following account of the elopement and weddings:

Stealing a march on the home folks two 21-year-old youths and two 18-year-old girls arrived in Chico last night and registered at the Le Grande hotel after an automobile elopement from Medford, Ore. Glenn Allen and Miss Josephine Miller were married at Anderson yesterday and Clark Walker, son of A. W. Walker, wealthy automobile dealer, was married to Miss Grace Martin at Red Bluff.

They were interrogated this morning by the police upon telegraphic communication from the parents of the elopers. Ira R. Morrison, city clerk, received a telegram from the chief of police at Medford, asking if he had issued marriage licenses.“We intend to live in Chico,” said Allen, peering out of a window in the city hall toward the automobile where the girl brides were waiting.”Chico looks good to us,” smiled Walker.

The foursome left Medford Sunday afternoon and drove all night to Redding, but could not find a preacher, so were not married until they reached Anderson and Red Bluff, where the services of Methodist ministers were secured.

Allen and Walker are both automobile accessory men and are anxious to go to work right away. Allen claims to be an accomplished drummer and wants to play for dances.

Whether the home folks have forgiven them or not is still a question. No further word has been received from them.

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