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Mail Tribune 100, Nov. 6, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Nov. 6, 1919


Probably a number of people who attended the recital given last Friday night by Miss Ida Gardner and Herbert Lyman at the Page were at first puzzled and disappointed when they discovered a phonograph cabinet occupying the center of the stage. They felt that they had been beguiled into going to hear a charming singer and a clever flutist and naturally thought that they had been imposed upon.

They hardly were reassured when Mr. Lyman appeared on the stage and commenced to talk about “reproduction,” “Recreation,” and other like matters. It finally became apparent that the phonograph was at least to receive assistance from the singer but even then the mental outlook was not exactly bright.

Mr. Lyman explained that the purpose of the recital was to illustrate that Thomas A. Edison, after years of work had achieved his ideal to perfect a musical instrument which would actually re-create music so perfectly that the re-creation would be indistinguishable from the original.

This was a broad claim but it was established before the evening was over for Miss Gardner actually stood beside the New Edison Phonograph and sang in unison with Mr. Edison’s re-creation — so called — of her own voice. This would have proved little as her voice might easily have overbalanced the tone of the instrument — swallowed it up — so to speak; but Miss Gardner did more — or, to be accurate, less. She paused from time to time, apparently at random and permitted her re-created voice to be heard alone. This gave an opportunity to compare one with the other and it is no more than just to state that there was no discernible difference in tone quality.


The state lime plant at Gold Hill which has operated for some time with a scant crew, has suspended operations due to the car shortage. With all storage capacity full, orders arriving daily, and 500 tons of fertilizer booked for immediate delivery no cars have been supplied the plant for over a week. Supt. Courtney has made an appeal to the lime commission for relief.


Like goat’s milk? Try a camel’s.


Chief of Police Timothy observed Mr. Founton, an Ashland young man cutting the Main and Fir street corner with his auto this morning, with the result that the offender against the city ordinance put up $3 cash bail for his appearance in Judge Taylor’s court this afternoon. A week ago Sunday the chief arrested for the same offense an Ashland business man who put up a $5 check for his appearance in court next day, and promptly forgot all about the matter, gladly forfeiting the small bond.

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