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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 19, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Dec. 19, 1919


The wood scarcity situation is beginning to ease up, and there now seems to be no danger of a wood famine. The Valley Fuel company received two car loads of slab wood yesterday which was in great demand.

Quite a number of homes are still without wood which can not be delivered fast enough to supply the urgent demand. Fortunately the moderate temperature helps out this situation. At the Gagnon wood and lumber concern it was reported that at a number of homes people who expected wood to be delivered to them last night were still in bed about noon when their wood arrived, they preferring to remain under the warm covers to getting up and sitting around in a cold house.

A crew is at work with sleds hauling logs and wood from the Gagnon timber holding near Jacksonville to the end of the railroad there and a couple of car loads is expected in the city by Saturday.

Mr. Reichstein of the Valley Fuel company, who is ordering wood shipped or hauled in wherever he can find a supply, will leave for northern points Saturday in search of good dry wood to ship in.


Game Wardens Dailey and Walker warn the pot hunters against shooting quail or other game birds out of season and are keeping a lookout for such offenders. A number of cases of illegal shooting have been reported to them which they are investigating, especially of shooting of quail in the Bear creek section.

As the result of the game wardens catching him red-handed in potting quail on December 16, R. G. Smith pleaded guilty in Justice Taylor’s court and was fined $25 and costs, amounting in all to about $32. Game Wardens Walker and Dailey on that day were busy scattering wheat about for the quail and other game birds in the Biddle road section between this city and Agate when they heard a shot not far away, and on investigating found Smith hunting quail. He had killed three with the shot the wardens heard, and was at once placed under arrest.


The Lincoln school was today presented with a silver Red Cross Christmas seal cup for having the best record in the sale of Christmas seals. This cup has been generously donated by Mrs. Delin of Reddy’s jewelry store and will be the permanent property of the school having the best selling record for two years.The name of the Lincoln school is engraved on the cup for 1919.

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