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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 24, 1919

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Dec. 24, 1919


Pasadena, Cal., Dec. 24. — Further steps to guard from all outsiders the plays it will use against the Harvard university eleven here New Year’s day in the East versus West football classic were made today by the Oregon squad when it posted sentinels along the top of the grandstand and at all entrances to Tournament park where the Oregonians are doing the secret practicing.

These watchmen, who came here with the Lemon-Yellow players of the northwest, kept a close watch on all persons passing the park, lest they press eye or ear to the knot hole or crack and obtain some information of value to the Crimson players.

So careful were the Oregonians to maintain the secrecy of their plays that they even ordered off the park two newspaper representatives. The latter were told it was “all right for them to hang around as long as the players were just playing around,” but when real practice began they must “beat it.”

They “beat it” then at an urgent request of Big Bill Hayward, trainer, saying that he did not want anyone around when his men were holding scrimmages.

Hayward refused to give out any word as to how the men have showed up so far, but a member of the party who came here with the Oregon team hinted that the team which will play Harvard is stronger than the Oregon team which beat the University of Pennsylvania team here January 1, 1917, fourteen to nothing.

Rumors around the training quarters indicate that the squad was divided into two teams and sent against each other, using Harvard’s defensive and offensive plays and Oregon plays which are expected to smear those of the Crimson squad.


The outlook for suitable Christmas weather was rather dubious today as rain was predicted for tonight and a probable colder temperature. The balmy and unseasonable weather that had been in vogue for several days past was still with us early this afternoon. The minimum temperature was 52 this morning, and yesterday’s maximum was 62 degrees. Altogether it looks like it would be a green Christmas.


On account of the sugar shortage we can only make a limited amount of pure sugar mixed candy for 25 cents and 28 cents lb. Call 234


One carrier delivery will be made tomorrow, in the morning, but the post office will remain closed all day with the exception of the general delivery and stamp windows which will be open from 8 to 10 a.m.

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