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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 27, 1919 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Dec. 27, 1919 Continued


Pasadena, Cal., Dec. 27. — Although the Harvard players average more weight than those of the University of Oregon, the northerners today deliberately cut their practice in two. The easterners, who arrive yesterday, began intensive practice, twice a day — once in secret — in preparation for the East versus West classic here New Year’s day.

The Oregonians have reached that peak of condition which gave Coach “Shy” Huntington and Bill Hayward, trainer, confidence to decide a practice period once a day would be sufficient to keep the men in the best possible shape for the big game.

The boys from Eugene are quartered at one hotel and those from Cambridge at another. Scouting parties visit the hotel of opponents to get an “eyefull,” as one man expressed it.

Clever Repartee

“If the Harvard men average only 160 pounds as they say,” declared one Oregonian, “we are bantam weights. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

In practice they have already had since they arrived here, the Crimson players did not appear to athletes to be in the excellent form reported. But according to “Pooch” Donovan, Harvard trainer, the squad is in better condition than its critics intimate.

Crimson Team Serious

“I don’t know how long it will take to get acclimated,” said Coach Robert Fisher of Harvard, “but I will be able to tell after the first few days. In the meantime I intend to have the men practice twice a day and then gradually drop off so that they may be in the best of condition when they play.

“The Harvard men look on the game in the same light as they did the game with Princeton and Yale. The same preparations have been made.

“All the men know this is an important game and they can be counted upon to play the game of their lives. We wish to give the westerners an idea what eastern football is like and how it is played. We did not come here for a pleasure trip. If Oregon wins it is because it is a better team.” Harvard players are larger than those of Oregon. While the Crimson linemen are powerful, beefy fellows, the Oregonians boast of a line of rugged, leather-muscled athletes.

Oregon Team Fast

In order to meet this heavy line the Oregon coaches have been training their linemen on fast charging. The Harvard linemen are also being prepared to meet any attacks, and trained in effective line blocking.

The Harvard men went thru signals today with no confusion. The linemen all charged together and they charged hard. Many of them practiced with their shoes off. The exceptionally warm weather made no difference to the Crimson men. They would get down the line, Murry, the quarter, would snap out a few numbers, and the whole Harvard machine would plunge forward, yelling their university challenge as they charged. Short forward passes, line and delayed line bucks were the most practiced plays.

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