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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 7, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Feb. 7, 1920, continued


State Highway Commission Will Give No Answer to Jackson County’s Generous Offer Until Fate of Bond Issue Is Known — Members of Jackson County Delegation Return From Portland — If People Approve of Increase, Action Probable.

Unless the constitutional amendment is passed at the May special election, increasing the state’s indebtedness for road purposes from 2 to 4 percent, there will be in the near future no new highway construction in Jackson county, and therefore no work on the Crater Lake road. This was the word brought back today by H. L. Walther, member of the Jackson county delegation.

Until the result of the election is known, the commission is not in position to map out any further road program, and the commissioners declined to commit themselves to any new projects. All requests for paving were turned down and even flattering offers of co-operation from counties were laid on the shelf until the commission knows whether it will receive more funds.

Jackson county’s proposal to pay 25 percent of the cost of having the Crater Lake road from Medford as a two-year project, was placed in abeyance by the commission. No answer will be given until after the May election.

As the local delegation pointed out, Jackson county is prepared to pay one-fourth of the cost of the construction of the Medford-Crater Lake highway providing the federal government will provide one-half and the state highway commission the remaining one-fourth of the cost of construction.

If the commission is not prepared immediately to meet one-fourth the cost of the highway, Jackson county agreed to lend the amount necessary to the state. It was desired to begin work soon on the 23-miles stretch between Medford and Trail by way of Eagle creek, and if a satisfactory bid for the work could not be obtained the county would do the work on force account.

A conference was held Wednesday night between the delegation and the committee from the Portland chamber of commerce appointed following the Portland trade excursion to southern Oregon to boost the highway and the state highways commission. W. H. Gore, spokesman of the Jackson county delegation told of the great need for the construction of the highway for the accommodation of tourists and what already has been accomplished by Jackson county in road construction. E. V. Carter, of Ashland and County Judge G. A. Gardner supplemented his remarks and when the plan of financing was proposed, S. Benson of the state highway commission appeared greatly pleased and requested that the proposal be reduced to writing and presented to the commission.

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