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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 14, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Feb. 14, 1920 Continued


Much of the difficulty experienced by health authorities in checking the spread of influenza lies in the fact that it spreads with almost lightning rapidity. Although state and city authorities have succeeded in keeping it under control in some sections, the disease has gotten entirely beyond control in others.

It is universally agreed by all well-informed persons that the surest preventative is to get the system into the best possible physical conditions, in order to be able to throw off the infection. It has been stated that it is possible to perfect the powers of human resistance so that it can throw off almost any infection, not excepting Spanish Influenza, which is generally supposed to be one of the most contagious diseases known.

Medical authorities agree that people who are weak and run-down are the earliest victims of the influenza epidemic. If you find yourself weak and losing flesh, or if you are in a generally run-down condition you are really in danger is you should come in contact with the influenza germ.

As a powerful re-constructive tonic and system builder Tanlac is with out an equal. This is a statement of fact, and is fully supported by recognized authorities. According to all accepted reference works, including the U. S. Dispensatory, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the leading textbooks used in the schools of medicine, the principal ingredients of Tanlac possess the most powerful re-constructive properties known to science. This statement is further proven by the fact that millions of persons who have actually taken Tanlac have testified to its extraordinary powers as a medicine.

Tanlac restores health and strength to the weak and run-down system by enabling every organ of the body to perform its proper function in the way nature intended. It creates a good, healthy appetite for wholesome, nourishing food, and is an ideal strengthening tonic for persons who are in a run-down condition and who are suffering from the after-effects of hard winter colds, grippe, or bronchial troubles.

Irrefutable evidence of the reconstructive powers of Tanlac is shown by the fact that it was used by tens of thousands during last year’s epidemic with splendid results. One well know Tanlac physician stated that he had never found anything to equal Tanlac for building up his patients who had had influenza, and that he had treated over fourteen hundred cases in one month.

In connection with the Tanlac Treatment, keep the bowels open by taking Tanlac Laxative Tablets, samples of which are enclosed with every bottle of Tanlac.

Tanlac is sold in Medford by West Side Pharmacy, in Gold Hill by M. D. Bowers, in Central Point by Miss M. A. Mee, in Ashland by East Side Pharmacy, in Eagle Point by Von der Hellen.


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