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Mail Tribune 100, March 1, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 1, 1920


Thorough and searching investigation has revealed the fact that as a direct result of low salaries paid, there is a shortage of teachers, that many thousand teachers are in the work who are below standard, that many successful and efficient teachers are leaving the work, that fewer students are entering normal schools and other training institutions. These conditions mean a moving backward and downward to incompetent and inefficient teaching at the very time when city, state, and nation need, as never before, to have public education improved and strengthened.

The Board of Education, Medford public schools, realizing keenly the foregoing conditions in relation to school and community locally, has formulated a definite, sane, progressive policy. In the first place only those instructors of standard qualifications and successful experience will be eligible to positions in the schools. In the next place only those instructors who give efficient service will retain positions in the schools. Also the board has decided that instructors should be employed and paid salaries on the twelve month basis for it is believed that salaries of teachers should be sufficient to provide a living for twelve months at a standard that will assure the maximum of efficiency on the part of the instructor.

The Board of Education realized that adequate salaries had to be provided since standard qualifications and successful experience were required. Thus the schedule as adopted by the board provides for a minimum of $1200 per year for teachers in the first six grades, a minimum of $1250 per year in grades7 and 8, and a minimum of $1400 per year for teachers in the high school.

This will mean that the greatest item of increase in the budget for the ensuing year will be that required for teachers salaries. This will mean that it will be necessary for the board to ask city and community to support a greatly increased budget in order that greater efficiency may be had in the schools, which efficiency must be based in a very great measure upon the results attained by wide-awake, up-to-date, and efficient teachers.


If there is any truth in the old weather adage “if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb,” then the weather at the end of this month will probably be balmy and springlike, for today was stormy from 7:30 a.m. when it began to snow briskly, but the snow soon turned into wet flakes which melted almost as fast as they fell. Notwithstanding this stormy outlook the prediction from the San Francisco bureau is for fair weather for Tuesday. The rain for Saturday at 5 p.m. to 8 o’clock this morning only amounted to .10 of an inch.

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