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Mail Tribune 100, March 4, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 4, 1920


Chairman Harry L. Walther of the executive committee of the Medford Chamber of Commerce’s expansion and reorganization committee, which was named yesterday at the luncheon held at the Hotel Medford, announced today that his committee would meet Friday evening at campaign headquarters for the consideration and transaction of much important business. The meeting has been called for 7:30 o’clock and will name the membership, budget and weeding committees and the two majors who are to direct the ten field captains that will be selected later, each to have charge of a team of seven men working under him during the intensive drive for members which is to begin Tuesday, March 23. In addition to the naming of these committees the executive committee Friday evening will discuss the time and place for the civic conference and also the time and place for the civic dinner.

At the civic conference there will be several speakers, local and out of town, and community singing. Invitations will be sent to every prospective member listed on the “prospect list” during the first week of the campaign, altho every man and woman in the city interested in the future growth and improvement of Medford will be privileged to attend, regardless of whether they receive an invitation or not. It is the purpose of the campaign officials to include the names of every local man and woman who may be regarded as a prospective member on the list that is being compiled but there is a possibility that thru an oversight some names that should be listed will unintentionally be omitted.


Travel prophets are indicating a record-breaking year for 1920. Thousands of people who never had any money heretofore to spend for travel, have recently acquired substantial bank balances and are using some of their newly-gained wealth for pleasure. Most of these people are buying automobiles and are touring the country in them. They form the great bulk of automobile campers.

The automobile camper during the summer of 1920 is going to be a tremendous problem in Oregon. There is no city or town on or near a main highway which should not establish some kind of automobile camp site for these motor tourists. A great many of the larger cities in the western states have established elaborate “motor cities” or automobile camp grounds equipped with every convenience such as electric stoves for cooking, running water, electric lights, shower baths and other comforts.

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