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Mail Tribune 100, March 6, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 6, 1920, continued


Office of County School Superintendent, Jacksonville, Oregon.

To teachers and school officers of Jackson county:

You have probably read and thought considerable about the present school situation and what seems to be expected of us; and I am wondering if we are united in a realization of what the new demands in education really are. As I look at the situation it seems to me that the public, generally speaking, does not fully appreciate the fact that food teaching is an absolute necessity in the preservation of the union. We must have more intense devotion to education. We must have school administration of the highest type, backed by unalloyed patriotism in teachers and by a willing financial support of those who pay the bills. Do we have all these? Is not public sentiment a little autocratic relative to school finances? Should we expect the coming generation to be democratic if it is brought up under such conditions?

So many inquiries from both teachers and board members have been received lately relative to salaries for the coming school year, that I have thought it best to address this circular to teachers and school officers both. The situation must be met fairly and squarely. It is encouraging to note that some board members and others are making an effort to meet the present needs.

The number of teachers attending the normal schools in this country has decreased over 10,000 during the past three years. The number of graduates is also decreasing, altho the number remained nearly constant during the war, due partly to the fact that in many cases the bars to graduation were let down at that time. The reason for the decrease in attendance at the normals and also in number or graduates is obvious.

Teachers’ wages are not attractive.

Oregon now has a shortage of over one hundred teachers, with about four times that many who are below standard. It has been predicted that Oregon will have a shortage of about five hundred teachers this coming school year unless something is done to relieve the situation. The proposed two mill tax upon all property of the state for common school purposes will materially aid and should receive the active support of everyone. It is up to you, however, to see that it carries. It will not carry unless you get out and work for it. Don’t leave this job for anyone else. If the bill does not carry a number of schools in Jackson county will be without teachers.

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