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Mail Tribune 100, March 13, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 13, 1920 Continued


A far-reaching step towards a settlement by arbitration of all the issues involved in the public schools controversy was brought forth yesterday afternoon by unanimous vote of the Parent-Teacher Council, which is composed of the officers of the various parent-teacher circles of the city, following a calm discussion of the situation. The plan, in the form of a resolution addressed to the school board, has been sent to that body, which is instructed to have its acceptance or rejection in the hands of the council on or before Monday. The issues now rests with the school board.

Reports were first received at the council meeting from each parent-teacher circle, which had met earlier in the afternoon, as to its attitude in the controversy. The report of every circle but that of Jackson school was practically the same, in that its members desired the school board to reconsider its action in dropping the well known capable teachers. The Jackson school circle straddled the issue and expressed its sympathy to the school board, and superintendent and the deposed teachers, for the unfortunate situation that has arisen.

The main credit for putting the compromise credit settlement plan before the council, which that body adopted after full discussion is due Rev. L. Myron Boozer, who has expressed no opinion whatever in public or private on the controversy, but has acted in the sole interest of what is best for the public schools, both as a citizen and as a parent with children in the schools.

He advised that the time had come to settle all difference through a fair tribunal before which each side could throw down its cards openly on the table and testify as to its position and grievances. The plan he outlined, it was explained by him, was not entirely his own, but had been compiled after hearing the views of many persons with only the good of the schools and city at heart.


In some unaccountable manner a rumor was started several days ago, which is fast spreading and caused much apprehension to the members of his church and his many friends and acquaintances generally, that Rev. L. Myron Boozer had resigned or was going to resign his pastorate of the Presbyterian church, and locate elsewhere. Mr. Boozer who knows nothing whatever of the origin of the rumor, said today that it was wholly without foundation, as he had not resigned nor was he going to and that he would continue to reside here.

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