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Mail Tribune 100, March 19, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 19, 1920


Refusal of School Board to Accept Arbitration Leads to Effort to Determine Sentiment of People — Only Parents With Children in Schools Invited to Attend.

The following reply to the plan of compromise suggested by Rev. L. Myron Boozer and adopted by the Parent-Teacher council was recently received from the school board:

“To Mrs. Storer representing the Parent-Teacher circle:

“My Dear Mrs. Storer:

“The members of the school board have unanimously agreed that it is incompatible with the best interests of our schools to have any further public discussion of the school situation at this time.

“Very Respectfully, E. G. RIDDELL, Chairman.”

At a meeting today the following resolution was adopted by the Parent-Teacher council:

“To the Public:

“The school board’s reply to our resolutions, offering the plan of arbitration in the present school matter, is printed today. We feel that the public is more vitally interested in our schools than any other public institution and is right in asking a hearing in the matter. We do not pose as being the public, but as the one organized body of citizens directly concerned in school matters it was within our province to present the matter, believing that we represent the attitude of the general public. The school board does not share in this confidence.

“To determine this it has seemed wise to the Parent-Teacher’s Council to call for a meeting of the parents of the city, having children in the Medford schools. This meeting will be held in the assembly room of the public library, Saturday evening at 7:30. It is the wish of the council that this meeting be free from all personalities and heated discussion.



The public dedication and christening of the Trigonia Oil and Gas company well, which was prevented last Sunday because of inclement weather and postponed until next Sunday afternoon, has again been postponed to a week from Sunday because of the inability of A. C. Allen to take moving pictures at that time and also to give the muddy grounds in the vicinity of the well time to dry out. The exercises as planned now will include the raising of a large United States flag to the top of the derrick, the christening and an address by that popular well known orator, Prof. Irving Vining of Ashland.

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