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Mail Tribune 100, March 20, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 20, 1920


The appointment of Crater Lake Hardware company to sell in this community the new hardware and sporting goods manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms company is announced.

First his family, next his dog, then comes his “Winchester,” in the love of the best type of American. Almost every family seems to have possessed or desired a Winchester at one time or another, and the love and respect for the good old gun is just about universal. And now that recently there have been many new additions to the Winchester “family,” there is a wide popular interest in the new cousins and other relatives of the famous repeating rifle.

Fifty-three years ago the Winchester repeating rifle was placed on the market by the Winchester Repeating Arms company, of New Haven, Conn.

It was a good rifle.

Improved models followed in the course of time, including the first completely successful repeating shotgun. And with the coming of smokeless powder the Winchester company commenced the manufacture of ammunition, to insure Winchester users the best possible cartridges and shot shells for their rifles and shotguns.

Now this great manufacturing establishment, tremendously expanded in the gigantic part it played in the winning of the world war, is branching out to make all possible use of the additional knowledge, experience and equipment thus acquired. New articles being made already include tools, cutlery, fishing tackle, flashlights, skates, etc.


The public market was rather light this morning, but there was a goodly supply of fresh beef and country cured hams and bacons. Vegetables will continue to be scarce for a while until the new crops come in.


Have you tried the Lithia Mineral water from the Jackson County Creamery? It has great medicinal value.


Judge Glenn O. Taylor will be temporary chairman of the schools controversy meeting tonight at the library and Dr. R. W. Clancy will be permanent chairman. Only parents with children in the schools are invited to attend.

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