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Mail Tribune 100, March 24, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 24, 1920


The committee having in charge the matter of the resolution passed at a public meeting and addressed to the board of directors of the public school, report a meeting with the board held last evening during which the entire matter of endeavor to bring about a peaceful adjustment of existing difficulties was discussed. The board wished for time to further consider and formulate their answer which will be given at an early date. The committee ... warranted in saying that the outlook for mutual approach is at a most favorable stage and ask the indulgence of the public while it continues negotiations. In the meantime is has the confidence that no teacher will suffer an injustice at the hands of the board pending the consideration and answer of the resolution.


In circuit court at Jacksonville today Lark Evans was sentenced by Judge F. M. Calkins to 15 years in the state penitentiary for the kidnapping and robbery of W. G. White on September 13, last. The extreme penalty fixed by law is 20 years. Gus Newberry, attorney for Evans, at once gave notice that Evans would ask for a new trial and the court set the stay of sentence for 30 days in which time the new trial motion must be filed.

This noon Judge Calkins also sentenced T. J. Smith, the I. W. W. wanderer arrested in Medford some time ago, and who was convicted in circuit court this forenoon of criminal syndicalism to one year in the penitentiary, but paroled him unto the charge of District Attorney Roberts. There has always been some doubt as to Smith’s sanity. This is the first conviction on this charge in the history of Jackson county.

Evans has been a prisoner in the county jail since Monday when his bail bond of $1,000, which was fixed by th court following his conviction last Saturday, was increased to $5,000, which sum his father, who was on the first bond, did not raise.

Mrs. Lark Evans, who was arrested yesterday forenoon on the charge of being an accomplice of her husband in the robbery of White, was finally released early last evening on $1,000 bail, the original bail of $2,000 fixed in Justice Taylor’s court at her arraignment yesterday noon having been reduced on recommendation of District Attorney Roberts and Sheriff Terrill. Her preliminary hearing has been set for 10 a.m. Friday. Mr. Evans of Portland, her father-in-law, is on her bond.

Smith, the I. W. W. sentenced this noon was arrested some time ago by the police on a vagrancy charge, and after his arrest uttered astonishing unpatriotic statements before the police and prosecutor under examination. He said he did not believe in our form of government and favored any means possible to overthrow it. He had only come to the city about a week before his arrest, and spent his time merely loafing around town and not doing any talking whatever. He was examined this week by a commission appointed by the court as to his sanity, and the examiners found that he was sane.

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