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Mail Tribune 100, May 6, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 6, 1920


At a meeting of the forum of the Chamber of Commerce last Wednesday noon at the Holland Hotel, there developed a strong feeling that an intensive campaign was necessary to carry the five hundred dollar county road bond measure to be voted upon at the election May 21. In that the state four percent bond limitation act interlocks with the county bonding proposition, the same was also included into the program of the campaign as was the higher educational bill, so necessary for the education of the young manhood and womanhood of our great state.

Mr. Weslie Brown led the discussion on road matters and gave a clear statement of what it meant to Jackson county to have either of the measures fail of adoption by the voters. Mr. Rawles Moore, Benj. C. Sheldon, F. W. Mears and H. L. Walther all spoke in favor of making an educational campaign to carry the road measures. Mr. V. H. Vawter called attention to the importance of the higher educational bill and his suggestion to include the same in the campaign was unanimously concurred in.

As a result of the forum’s action, it is recommended to the board of directors that a campaign committee of three members be appointed, who are empowered to select assistants from the ranks of the Chamber of Commerce to conduct a thorough campaign for the adoption of the road bond measures of the county and state and the higher education bill.

This committee will call upon a great many members of the chamber to assist in this campaign as there will be four minute men, speakers for rural districts, men appointed to take care of publicity, in the newspapers as well as getting out windshield signs and literature giving facts and figures.

The time between now and election will not permit any delay, so that when members of the Chamber of Commerce are called upon to assist in this campaign, they should make every effort to attend the meetings which are to be called so there will be no delay, as every day counts in reaching the voters of the county before election.

About fifty members attended the forum yesterday. All during the month of May, they will be held at the Holland Cafe on each Wednesday noon. Next month, they will all be held at the Medford Hotel. Next week, C. E. Gates will lead the discussion on the value of a modern automobile camp ground to the community in which it is located. Mr. David H. Rosenberg will be the chairman of the day.

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