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Mail Tribune 100, May 8, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 8, 1920 Continued


It was a matter of speculation among the people of Medford for the last week as to what the word Hi-Jinx means. Now the large crowd of pleasure seekers who flocked to the high school building to witness the big high school carnival circus Hi-Jinx last night, know that the word exemplifies anything which is bubbling over with fun and enjoyment and full of “pep, jazz and zang.” The big parade was a success, witnessed by a large crowd of people.

Immediately after the parade the main performance started in the assembly room of the high school building. The room was crowded and many had to be turned away. The main performance consisted of a widely assorted and varied number of clever stunts and skits. Hawaiian girls danced, a little ... comedy was enacted, reading were given, and many other features made up the complete show. After the show the famous “jazz trail,” a series of side shows, opened. There was the cannibal village, a fortune teller’s booth, Venus d’ Milo in person, a photography department, a chute-the-chutes and a famed magician performed.

One of the popular features of the Hi-Jinx was the abundance of eats. Ice cream cones and big juicy hot-dog sandwiches went like hot cakes, while pop corn and soda pop booths did a lively business. Gorgeous and brilliant costumes were worn by many of those performers who represented practically every type and nationality.

Everybody present was delighted with the success of the Hi-Jinx and is enthusiastic in approval of the parade, show, side shows, eats, and every feature of the affair. The prizes for the best float, stunt, booth, costume, etc., will be awarded at the assembly Monday.


Despite the fact that it had been advertised for two weeks that the banks would close every Saturday at noon beginning today, many people forgot all about it until Saturday afternoon and were accordingly inconvenienced to some extent.


The high school student body realized about $200 from the Hi-Jinx entertainment last night, which goes towards paying for the new piano purchased some time ago for the assembly room of the high school. The affair was a success and was done up in professional style ... .

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