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Mail Tribune 100, May 10, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 10, 1920


One of the brightest, largest and best developed solar halos ever seen in the valley surrounded the sun today and attracted much curious attention and caused not a little apprehension to timid people. Solar halos are seldom seen here, and everyone figured that it would have some bearing on the weather.

In the eastern section of the country a solar halo is an almost sure indication of rain within two days after it appears, according to Floyd Young, who has won several halos as a frost expert, and holds good eight times out of ten.

“A solar halo is caused by very high clouds, five or six miles high,” said Mr. Young, and made up of three cornered ice particles which refract the sun’s light — on the same principle as a rainbow except a rainbow is caused by the refraction of light thru rain drops.


Ideal weather brought out a large crowd to witness the athletic contests of the Southern Oregon Athletic association which held its sixth annual track and field meet at Talent, Friday, May 7. All towns of the association were represented except Butte Falls.

Out of a possible 697 points Applegate students won 184 1/2. Talent was second with 134 1/2, Central Point a close third with 123, Phoenix next with 80 points, Rogue River 56 1/2, Jacksonville 10 1/2, Gold Hill 9 points.

Talent had won the Olympic cup twice and would have gained permanent possession of it had she been able to have outstripped her rivals in this contest which was the sixth annual event of the association.

On similar occasions Applegate won the rural meets a number of times, and this year when a standard high school was established in that rural community and she became eligible to participate with the towns constituting the Southern Oregon association, her youngsters went into the match to win. Her “B” classes of boys and girls ages 13 and 14, also her “C” classes composed of students of ages 15 and up, were especially strong.

Red Top school district 10 near Medford won first place among the rural schools, having secured 38 points out of a total of 102. The other rural districts winning points and making a creditable showing follow in order of number of points won: Willow Springs dist. 14, Pine Grove dist. 62, Oak Grove dist. 69, Dead Indian dist. 54, Wimer dist. 62, Antioch dist. 18, and Wellen dist. 51.

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