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Mail Tribune 100, May 15, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 15, 1920, continued


By Harriet Boewig

A delightful little health play has been written for one of the public schools of New York City by Miss Charlotte Wasaung, one of the teachers. It is called “Ten Little Germs” and the characters are ten children representing a disease germ. Each tells where he is going in that school to do what he thinks will be the most damage.

One will get into a boy’s ear, because you know boys never do wash their ears, and “ I do love dirt.” The next thinks a dirty fingernail will do just as well. Or a muddy shoe, suggests a third. The best place of all the fourth things is a mouth full of dirty teeth. Here he will find a nice hollow tooth and before you know it all the boy’s teeth will be decayed.

And as it is a school they are visiting they will be sure to multiply.

All run out gladly, only to come back with long faces. In this school all the boys do wash their ears, and none have dirty finger nails, and the tooth brush drill is such an institution that there is no chance at all. Finally the one who sought the muddy shoe runs in, chased by the boys Civic league, whose specialty is the cleaning up of muddy shoes.

So ten disappointed germs get out of that school as fast as they can, followed by the warning of the school children not to try another visit.

Surely a graphic and pleasing way of teaching hygiene to any school full of young folks.


Wholesome Comedy In New Mabel Normand Picture

Critics sometimes contend that photo-plays are not always wholesome mental food for juvenile audiences. Mabel Normand’s latest, “Jinx,” which will be presented at the Rialto theatre three days beginning tomorrow, is a satisfying production from the parental standpoint, for it is thoroughly clean and bright and funny.

Mabel Normand in a circus and a circus in herself!

Just an excruciatingly pretty and pathetically funny slip of a girl doing chores in a traveling circus — a slavey of showmen and showgirls in spangles — who puts joy in the picture by putting the Jinx on the circus, on the farm, on everything but her love, in a heart-and-laugh-compelling series of the funniest situations ever filmed!

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