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Mail Tribune 100, May 18, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

May 18, 1920


The grand jury which convened Monday at Jacksonville had one of the lightest sessions in the county’s history. Only four indictments were returned, three of which were against Mrs. Lark Evans in connection with the W. G. White robbery case of Grants Pass, of which her husband was found guilty some time ago and sentenced to 15 years in the penitentiary, and whose case has been appealed to the supreme court.

Mrs. Evans was indicted under her maiden name, Mildred Coe. One indictment against her charges larceny of the White car. Another is for stealing, and the third charges unlawful cohabitation with Lark Evans. The other indictment returned was against a man for larceny by bailee.


It will be appreciated if the residents of Medford who have a supply of extraordinary fine flowers growing in their yards, that they send some of them to the exhibit room of the Chamber of Commerce. An effort is being made to maintain a good fresh fruit and flower display there this summer and as soon as the interior of the building has been thoroughly cleaned and rearranged, there is no doubt but what the strangers who come there will be impressed with our products.

Strawberries will be coming in very soon and a plate exhibit of them will attract considerable attention. Growers of berries and flowers, in sending in their displays, should attach their names to same, so that due credit will be given them during the entire time they are exhibited.


Butte Falls, May 17. — We had a kind of an electric storm the first of the week, two or three trees were hit with lightning up on the Dudley mountain, which caused some smoke to settle around here, making it appear like forest fire time.


That Medford is both prosperous and growing is shown by the records of the Home Telephone company. Never before has the company been so busy in putting in new phone and taking care of removals as during the past 90 days. Over 100 new phones have been put in in that time, many for new residents and the remainder for old residents who had not hitherto had phones in their homes. And during the past 90 days over 100 phones have been changed owing to removals in the city. Orders for new phones and removals are received daily.

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