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Mail Tribune 100, July 2, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

July 2, 1920


Winnipeg, Man., July 1. — “It is deplorable and ridiculous what the schools of Canada teach Canadian children about the northlands of the Dominion,” declared Vilhjalmur Stefansson, a recent visitor here. “It amounts to most defamatory propaganda,” added the noted explorer.

People generally display a lamentable ignorance concerning this country, and it is simply due to the fact that they are wrongly instructed when they are children, according to Mr. Stefansson, who declared that the country north of the Arctic circle is very different to what people believe.

There are 640 species of flowering plants, and roughly three times as many species of non-flowering plants in the Arctic country, Mr. Stefansson said, and he described some of the conditions responsible for what to the people of Canada, seems anomalous, because of the climatic conditions there.

In the north, he explained, there are two seasons similar to the seasons of the settled part of Canada.

Just in the same way as grass cannot grow here in the winter time the grass cannot grow in the country around and north of the Arctic circle in the winter. But in the summer time, once can find up there golden rod, poppies, blue bells, dandelions, timothy and watercress “and these plants grow as far north as any land that has been discovered,” added Mr. Stefansson.

Speaking of the development of the northland, Mr. Stefansson predicted that it would be developed in the same way as other countries. He explained that there are rich resources up there, and when measured by its productivity and not by its climate, and if a land is productive, it will be developed irrespective of its climate.


Don’t forget that the stores and other business places will be closed next Monday and therefore housewives must purchase supplies for two days Saturday.


Prosperous Applegate farmers to install Delco-Light plants during the month of June are: Arthur Kleinhammer, Mrs. Maggie Buckley, Fred Benedict, Ralph Jennings, T. G. Dews and Son, Pacific Placer Co., John Offenbacher and Chas. E. Smith. There homes are equipped with the best of modern conveniences and are the pride of Jackson county.

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