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Mail Tribune 100, July 3, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

July 3, 1920


Enumerators Missed Best Known Man in City — New Directory to Show Population — Many Claim They Were Missed in Farce Enumeration — File Protest With Washington for Square Deal

Washington, July 3. — Salem, Ore., 17,679, increase 3,585 or 25.1 percent. Astoria, Ore., 14,027, increase 1128 or 16.1 percent. Medford, Ore., 5,756, decrease 3,084 or 34.9 percent.

Any one familiar with Medford knows that the census figures on the population is a farce. Conservative estimates place the population at 10,000 to 12,000. Based on The Mail Tribune circulation in the city allowing five to a family, the population is 10,500. The post office estimate, based on mail receipts is 6,554, but this is take for only a short period.

R. L. Bolk & Co., will take a census for a new city directory, which will show somewhere near what the population is.

As an instance of the unerring thoroughness of the census so prominent a citizen as Attorney Evan Reames was not listed. Mr. Reames said this morning he had seen no enumerator. Many others were missed. At the time the census was taken, there was a well grounded suspicion that the tabulation was faulty.

Evan Reames, Owney Patton and Jack Aitkin, who were in The Mail Tribune office this morning, said they had never seen an enumerator and there are nine people in these families. Many others were missed. At the time the census was completed several people said they had not been listed, a protest was made and one of the census officials came down from Salem and it was found that a number of people in the suburbs and surrounding territory had been entirely missed. No census had been taken of the people living in the apartments at the Holland and this was corrected. There instances merely show what an incomplete and inaccurate census was taken.

One citizen said, when he saw the figures, from what he knew of the work, it was marvelous that the 5,756 were found.

The Chamber of Commerce and mayor have wired a protest to Washington, D. C., and demand that this city have a re-enumeration and a square deal.

The census returns were generally regarded at their true value — a joke.

If you live in the city and was (sic) not enumerated please call at the Chamber of Commerce and give your name and number in family or phone the same.

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