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Mail Tribune 100, July 10, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

July 10, 1920 Continued


The first of a series of band concerts by the Rogue River Valley band will be held at Medford next Wednesday evening and on each Wednesday thereafter at eight o’clock a concert will be held. This arrangement was perfected by the band committee of the Chamber of Commerce with the band management.

Through the efforts of the band committee, the city authorities agreed to provide funds for a series of eight concerts to be held in Medford. An effort will be made to have the program of each concert published on Tuesday evening of each week, so that everyone may know the character of the concert before it is given.

The Rogue River Valley band is composed of the best musicians of Medford, Ashland, Jacksonville and Central Point and as all have had considerable experience a higher class of music is looked for than in the past number of years. The band, under the leadership of H. H. Howell has been practicing all winter and through their efforts the community will enjoy a higher class of entertainment.


C. Carlson exhibited at the Mail Tribune office Friday an egg 6 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches in dimension, which was laid by one of his Plymouth Rock hens.


The usual order of things was reversed this morning at the public market when the farmers were late and the patrons early. A feature of the fine market was the first appearance of apricots and the plentiful supply of new potatoes offered, the best of which sold at 8 cents a pound.


“The Christmas rush has set in” was the startling statement made to a sweltering reporter at the post office today by Roland Beach. “That’s true,” exclaimed Acting Postmaster Warner and Clerks Beckett and Houston. This hot weather joke had its birth in the fact that a big sackful of Christmas presents, which had been raised at the Christmas tree of the First Baptist church last Wednesday night for the converts and others at the Baptist missionary station in Belgian Congo, South Africa, was sent out today from the post office on its long journey. The presents consisted of clothing, soap, tooth powder, toys and the like.


Dance at the Medford Nat! Largest and finest floor! Cool and commodious! Ladies’ parlors! Smoking rooms! Big weekend part! Sat. night! All the windows of the large hall of the Natatorium will be open tonight and electric fans will assist in cooling the atmosphere at the weekend dancing party. Indications are that it will be largely attended. Special music by the Imperial augmented orchestra will be featured, the following pieces being used: Piano, two banjos, two saxophones, two violins, marimbaphone, bells, drums and traps. Moonlight waltzes and novelty prize dances will be interspersed thruout.