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Mail Tribune 100, July 13, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

July 13, 1920

July 13, 1920


R. L. Polk & Co., at the request of the Chamber of Commerce are taking a census to the city in conjunction with their making a new directory.

The city has been districted and as soon as each district is completed by the enumerators the number of residents is marked on the map, which is on display in the windows of the Chamber of Commerce.

It is expected that it will take several weeks before the taking of this census will be finished and as it is being done very thoroughly, and by most responsible authorities, it will be a recheck on the federal census taken in January.

Should any resident know that his name was not given to the Polk enumerator after the number of residents of a district is marked on the map, they should leave their names at the Chamber of Commerce office.


The subject to be discussed at the Chamber of Commerce forum tomorrow noon is one of greater importance than most members of the organization realize and as G. A. Codding, who is to present it, has given the same a great deal of though and attention, he will give the members a cigar conception of what is meant by “Tourist’s Tours.”

As chairman of the day, W. E. Crews will preside, and D. E. Millard will lead the community signing.

As an added attraction there is a musical treat in store. It is unwise to always announce the good things that will happen at the forum, therefore, what this one really is will be kept as a surprise. There is a guarantee to all who attend the forum that they will consider their time spent to the best advantage and in the interest of the community.

The forum luncheon tomorrow will be held at the Holland Hotel cafe and members and their guests should assemble in the lobby promptly at noon.


Since June 25th, according to the statistics in the federal forestry office here, the forestry lookouts in this district have discovered and reported 34 small fires in the forests, most of which were outside of the national forests. The last one reported was Monday in the Grizzly mountain region from which H. J. Eberle, district state fire warden arrived late in the afternoon, after it had been extinguished.


The band concert scheduled to be held in Medford tomorrow evening is the first one of a series to be given by the Rogue River Valley band. The concert will begin at 8 o’clock and the program will last one hour. Catchy selections are on the list and should there be any demand for encores, the band will be pleased to give them.

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