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Mail Tribune 100, July 12, 1920

July 12, 1920


With admirable fortitude Teddy Leonard, one of the numerous Leonard brothers, who so cluttered up the United States army here and in France during the big war, showed the stuff heroes are made of Sunday afternoon.

Teddy seated himself in Crowson’s to get an ice cream soda. He had taken two bites when he suddenly ejaculated “Umph,” as he felt a stinging sensation in the rear. Although in fiery pain he attempted to nonchalantly continue the eating of his ice cream, when he suddenly slid forward with two “Umphs,” and nearly swallowed his ice cream spoon, as he felt another stab in the same direction.

Bracing up again and fearing still another attack Teddy, who has had good bring up and knows it is not good form to disrobe in a public place, quietly slid his hands beneath his belt and brought forth a bumble bee, much incensed, which stung aforesaid hand viciously, making bingle number three.

“That’s all,” like the short Wilson legend, only Teddy will be careful about lying on the grass hereafter just before entering an ice cream parlor.


Fire Chief Lawton warns the public not to drive autos or other vehicles in front of the fire apparatus or too close in the rear when the department is on its way to a fire. Auto drivers are again becoming a nuisance to the department and delaying the apparatus when it is en route to fire. There is a city ordinance with heavy penalty for violation, giving the fire department a clear right of way when the fire whistle blows.

Sunday afternoon when the department was responding to an alarm an auto got in front of the apparatus on East Main street, and remained there going slowly delaying the progress to the fire, which fortunately proved only a harmless vacant lot grass fire. The firemen will take the number of any offending car in the future and cause the arrest of the driver.


Late Saturday night the night police of Medford and Deputy Sheriff McMahon and Schrader rounded up a number of boys between the ages of 12 and 17 years, and when the job was completed had taken eight youths in custody, the two oldest of whom are between 16 and 17 years old, were locked up in the county jail corridor at Jacksonville and the others released to their parents.

These boys, who are accused of breaking into confectionery stores and doing much other petty thieving the past few weeks were taken before District Attorney Roberts today for examination. It is understood several boys confessed, implicating others.

Among the places at which they broke into the back rooms and took ice cream and other articles are the Shasta, Crowson’s, DeVoe’s and the Natatorium. Besides this they did much pilfering from autos, it is claimed. Their cases will be handled by the juvenile court.

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