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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 4, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 4, 1920


“Bang! Bang!” two sharp reprises rang out piercing the sultry stillness of Medford early this morning.

Ever ready for action Police Chief Timothy jumped from his couch to the front seat of his Ford and started for the center of town from which direction the explosions appeared to come. He was soon joined by Night Officer Adams.

“Bang! Bang!” the explosions were repeated. “Sounds like safe blowers,” said Adams, swinging his six shooter into position.

“Sounds nearer at hand” observed the chief who was standing in front of the fire hall. “I believe it’s those two dishwashers I jailed last night.”

A dash was made for the city jail and the chief quickly turned the key. As he opened the door he paused and covered his face with his hands. An overpowering odor exuded from the bastile.

Night Officer Adams looked in. The floor of the jail was strewn with broken glass, and a green sticky liquid flowed from one corner. Two pale faces pressed to the bars, looked out in mute appeal.

“What’s up here,” cried Adams, his trigger finger twitching, “what’s the row.”

“Search us,” was the shrill reply, “this machine here’s been poppin’ at us since sun up. Let us out will ye? We ain’t done nuthin’.”

Chief Timothy advanced and unlimbered. “It’s that home brew Adams, look here. Six bottles have exploded.”

It was true. Exhibit A in the Murphy case had been working overtime. But the two itinerant dishwashers who asked for a night’s lodging in the city jail, will sleep in the park next time. The chief told them to beat it. A superfluous suggestion. They were last seen going south and passed the S. P. water tank just as the seventh bottle of Murphy’s best shattered glass around the deserted jail and sent foaming spirits over the floor.



Medford comes under the sway of the mysterious Chas. C. Clifford, famous medium. Come to the Nat auditorium, Thursday night in a gigantic spiritualistic demonstration free to everybody. Every phase of spiritualism will be demonstrated and shown. Everybody is invited. No children, no one under 18 years of age will be admitted.


Pete Foster, the taxi man, was fined $10 and costs in justice court today for speeding on the side streets of Medford. Special Officer John Palmer made the arrest at

4 o’clock Monday morning.

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