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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 5, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 5, 1920


At the Chamber of Commerce forum yesterday, which was held at Medford Hotel, Miss Caroline Andrews furnished the entertainment by singing a number of selections. This accomplished, former Medford young lady won the praise of all who had the privilege of hearing her and a bright future in the musical world has been predicted for her.

The question of fire wood for the tourists, who are stopping at the auto camp, was taken up and the Chamber of Commerce committee on auto camp grounds was charged with the duty to solve problem.

The topic of the day, traffic regulation, was presented in a typical Newbury way and Gus got a raise by having a recommendation adopted whereby the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce were requested to appoint a committee which shall have as its duty to formulate a set of regulations for auto traffic and in so doing confer with the members of the city council with the idea of having the same adopted.

The present regulations are out of date, in fact they cannot be observed with the increased number of auto mobiles now upon the streets. The investigation will include the parking of cars whether in the center of the street, on the side of the street, head in or back in. The advisability of marking plots by painting the pavement. By permitting cars on narrow streets to park in the center of only one side and also regulations regarding the cutting of corners, the committee will probably have to confer with merchants as to their attitude upon this problem as the same must be solved without any interference with business conditions now in existence.


While registration of pickers is progressing satisfactorily, there will be need for all and more than are so far registered. Orchardists are therefore being asked to make known their requirements at the Chamber of Commerce Employment Bureau, by Saturday noon if possible so that there will be no unnecessary delay in getting crews started Monday morning.

The Fruit Grower’s League has mailed each orchardist in the district a blank requesting information as to acreage and number of pickers wanted and if this information is not sent in promptly some growers may find themselves without pickers as it is expected that the crews will be pretty well distributed by Monday.

Persons wishing to pick this season should so signify their intentions by registering as picking will be on in full swing the first of the week.

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