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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 18, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 18, 1920


In addition to the grandeur, mystery and scenery of Crater Lake there has been a supplementary attraction at that world wonder for the past week or so perhaps not so much relished by the many tourists and visitors that adds to the scenic wildness, in the fact that a large cougar comes snooping around during the night in the vicinity of the hotel.

His catship has been seen several times by different persons but always when they were unarmed, and by the time weapons were obtained he had disappeared. But members of the Crater National park staff are on the lookout nightly with guns and probably some day soon the cougar will meet an appropriate feline finish with several bullets in him unless he keeps well out of sight. His tracks have been seen several times in the early morning on the trail up Garfield peak.

It would not be surprising one of these magnificent mornings at the lake to learn that Superintendent Alex Sparrow on arising early would become peeved over the breaking of a shoestring or some other trifle, and hurry up to the top of the hill from the government camp, sneak up on Mr. Cougar, grab him by the tail and hurl him over the rim into the lake with a few appropriate remarks.

The bears which late last summer and fall caused so much bother at the lodge and the government camp a mile down the hill by their nightly visits in search of food, and several of which became comparatively tame, have not yet put in their annual appearance. Tradition at the lake is that last fall Mr. Sparrow choked one of them to death and scared another one into immediate demise by some emphatic talk he used in ordering the animal to keep away thereafter from the government camp.

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