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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 19, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug. 19, 1920


Ashland, Aug. 18. — The Army and Navy Journal of July 24 contains a letter exceedingly complimentary to Major Thomas W. Hammond, a former Ashland boy and brother of Mrs. J. H. Turner of this city. This letter is from Congressman Frank Greene of Vermont, and was prompted by an appreciation of Major Hammond’s services as military advisor to the house committee on military affairs during legislation resulting in the adoption of the army reorganization act of June of the present year. In including this letter Congressman Greene, after reviewing the scope of Major Hammond’s valuable services and cordially thanking him for the same, adds: “I know that the committee on military affairs deeply appreciates your active professional services in all this time, and that every member of it, in his personal and unofficial state, values your personal friendship highly.” This compliment, as coming from the chief committee assignment of congress, penned during a period when its labors were especially arduous possesses added significance by way of commendation for services faithfully performed.


Owing to the high cost of material and excessive payroll, the subscription rates of the Tidings will be advanced to 65 cents per month on September 1, by carrier or $6.50 per year by mail subscription, daily edition.


At five o’clock Tuesday morning Boy Scouts eligible for the Lake of the Woods hike, formed in marching order and started on the forty-mile trip, the distance, according to plans, to be covered in two days. The brigade was formed by the mobilizing of such members of the three troops as had been “drafted” for the endurance hike, and comprised boys from 10 to 18. Their equipment was of the light marching order classification, as a truck had been engaged to transport supplies and heavy baggage.

Col. C. F. Koehler, Major H. E. Badger and Captain John Rigg were in command of the expedition, which is a punitive one designed to capture such fish and fame as come within provisions of the open season in that locality. The outing will cover a two-weeks period, allowing the boys a fine vacation under ideal conditions before the opening of the school term.

The lads will find a big colony at the lake to welcome their arrival in a most cordial demonstration, and a hospitable greeting awaits their coming.

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