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Mail Tribune 100, Aug, 28, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Aug, 28, 1920


There has been a keen interest displayed by the officers and men connected with the air service stationed here in connection with the forest fire patrol to assist in making the program for the dedication of the Newell-Barber Landing Field a greater success of any event of its kind heretofore participated in.

There has been a splendid spirit displayed by these men toward the committee of the Chamber of Commerce in assisting and advising them as to the best arrangement of the automobiles which will be parked at the grounds on that day and in so doing, it is going to give every one who attends an opportunity to view the taking off and landing of the airplanes.

It is natural that the automobiles which are to be decorated and that participate in the parade will be given the choice of location and not permit those who could decorate their machines crowd out the ones who have shown the proper cooperation.

The rain on Friday has put out most of the fires and has left conditions such as to make fires difficult to start from now on; therefore the planes will be relieved from patrol duty, unless the most unfavorable circumstances present themselves, which is not looked upon as possible.

Planes from the local station and those of Eugene will be here. It is expected that Major Arnold will come from San Francisco with a number of them and it may be that planes from other stations will be here at that time, conditionally upon favorable chances of no fires in their districts.

It may be safely predicted that ten DeHavilands will be on the Newell-Barber Field that day and two planes of lighter make. These planes will make flights immediately after the dedication ceremony and they will be interesting to those who have never seen the planes take off and land.


Antwerp, Aug. 27.— Americans won the first three places in the spring board diving finals of the Olympic games today: L. E. Kuehn, Multnomah A. C. Portland, first; C. Pinkston, Olympic club, San Francisco, second; and L. J. Balbach, N. Y. A. C., third.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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