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Mail Tribune 100, Sept. 8, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Sept. 8, 1920


The first burglary of any consequence in Medford for months transpired some time last night or in the early morning hours when entrance was gained into the Reddy jewelry store, corner of East Main and South Central, and gold watches and rings taken from the interior of the show window to an estimated value of from $650 to $700.

Entrance was gained through the ventilator opening, which is about 18 by 18 inches in dimension, high up on the window and still beneath the awning. Indications are that at least two burglars were engaged in the robbery, one to boost the other up to the ventilator opening and the latter man or youth, who must have been somewhat slender, crawling thru the opening into the store, descending to the floor, entering the window, seizing the watches and tray of rings, and leaving the store by the same method. The burglars who left their handprints on the window and other places, knew just what they wanted and wasted no time in getting it as nothing else was disturbed in the jewelry store or in the Medford Pharmacy department of the store room. The diamonds and other valuable jewelry left on exhibit in the window in the day time were as usual locked up in the safe last night.

The stolen jewelry consisted of 10 gold watches, ladies and men’s timepieces, and the tray of expensive rings. The show window was insured with a well known window insurance agency, and its Portland office was at once notified, and the sheriff and police also sent out telegrams to various towns and cities to be on the lookout for the burglars.

The burglary was not discovered until when the store was opened for business this morning.


The Chamber of Commerce is gathering data for the new Medford booklet and the climate of Medford will be set forth by data used in comparison with other communities as to rainfall. There is a general impression in the east that Oregon is disagreeably wet at all seasons of the year. To show that this is not so in Medford, a chart is being prepared giving the annual precipitation of other cities in comparison with that of Medford. The result of the investigation clearly shows to the people of the Rogue River valley of the necessity of irrigation which must be obtained before the production of this valley will be considered as having reached its highest state of development.

The annual precipitation is here given: San Francisco, 22.27; Portland, 45.13; Chicago, 33.28; New York, 44.63; Seattle, 36.59; St, Louis 37.20; Indianapolis, 41.08; New Orleans, 57.42; Los Angeles 15.65 and Medford 16.11.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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