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Mail Tribune 100, Sept. 11, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Sept. 11, 1920, continued


“Frivolities of 1920,” a mammoth revue in nineteen scenes and two acts will be the attraction at the Page theater tonight and Sunday.

It is the first of a series of fizzy musical and satirical concoctions which G. M. Anderson — the erstwhile “Bronco Billy” of the cinema — will present annually. The Anderson revue is plotless but what it lacks in story it atones for in vividly clad femininity.

The revue busies itself in exposing a fleet succession of singing, laughing and comic novelties and specialties the whole of which swaggers along to music that is a tonic for nervous toes and shoulders. Not the least inconspicuous portion of the stage during the unveiling of “Frivolities” is that occupied by the “frivol chorus of fifty,” a collection that will make any unit of the sterner gender sit out on the edge of his seat and rub his eyes. “Frivolities” is a shapely answer to those who demand that their entertainment be French of heel, eloquent of shoulder, melodious and modern.


Dorothy Dalton Tomorrow

Avery Hopwood’s successful stage play, “This Woman This Man,” serves as the basis for Dorothy Dalton’s latest picture, “Guilty of Love,” which will be shown at the Liberty theater tomorrow and Monday.


‘What’s Your Hurry?’

Breezy Wallace Reid in another smashing automobile romance, “What’s Your Hurry?” is the bill for tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday at the Rialto. It travels even more swiftly than “The Roaring Road” and “Excuse My Dust.” And the climax will make your hair stand on end. Pretty Lois Wilson is the girl.


‘Why Change You Wife?’

If you would keep your husband, do not forget yourself. That is the underlying philosophy in the new Cecil B. DeMille photoplay, “Why Change Your Wife?” which is attracting crowds to the Rialto theater this week.


Billie Burke Scores

Billie Burke, the popular Paramount Artcraft star has scored a decided hit in “Away Goes Prudence,” her latest starring vehicle, which is on view at the Liberty theater today. It is a delightful photoplay which affords Miss Burke one of the best roles of her screen career. The supporting cast is excellent.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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