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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 13, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 13, 1920


After listening to Colonel H. H. Sargent address a good sized crowd of Medford and Jacksonville people, the majority from the former city last night at the Natatorium one can not help but form the opinion that the scrappy and eloquent “oratorical Jack Dempsey of Jackson County” is unalterably opposed to the proposed removal of the court house to Medford. At least he have that impression.

Never did the colonel make a better speech. For an hour and a half he held his audience in close attention with his logical arguments, keen wit and humor, some irony and sarcasm, all in the cause of “bleeding Jacksonville.” Often the audience broke into hearty laughter, and sometimes liberal applause met some of his keenest sallies.

The colonel slammed our chamber of commerce, touched up the Mail Tribune in its several departments right in the blushing face of the writer, and roasted the Medford people generally for sticking the harpoon — no, it was a very sharp-edged dirk right into the deep interior of Jacksonville’s anatomy by favoring this courthouse removal proposition, and pleased with Medford folks to reform and not do any more fool things, but to come down to the mourners bench on election day and do the right thing — by Jacksonville.

Our Guardian Angel

All this without rancor or offense. In fact the colonel at the outset proclaimed his love for Medford as well as for Jacksonville, and pointed out that in fighting to have the courthouse remain in Jacksonville he was only acting for Medford’s good — saving us from ourselves, so to speak.

But the idea of his speaking disparagingly of our lovely chamber of commerce and jumping on the poor old Smudge Pot, who at the time was far distant busily engaged in taking a cigarette apart to see what made the blooming thing smoke.

The colonel’s address was very instructive and entertaining and was much enjoyed by every one present no matter what side of the controversy he or she was on. Unconsciously or perhaps intentionally he boosted Medford all the way through. He has for many years been one of the most ardent boosters for this city and one of the most sanguine in regard to its great rosy picture. Last night all the way he pointed out Jacksonville as a suburb or part of Medford in the not very distant future, and predicted that Medford would some day be a great, thriving city extending from Roxy Ann to Jacksonville, east and west, and from Table Rock to Phoenix, north and south.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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