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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 15, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 15, 1920


Supt. Aubrey Smith of Medford Gives Interview on Klamath Falls Protest of Eligibility Local Players — Army Records Incorrect — Parents’ Statements Final Authority.

When seen this morning, regarding the Klamath Falls protest on the eligibility of members of the high school football team, Superintendent Smith said:

“We have not been informed of any official protest on Last Saturday’s game and do not believe there is ground for such contest.

“Before the game with Klamath Falls we knew that they would question the eligibility of some of our players. We, therefore, took every precaution to make sure that our men were eligible under the rules of the State Athletic league. At that time the principal of their high school claimed that according to their service records some of our boys were over age. This will be found true in any school where ex-service men play. Service records are no more reliable than census records. Upon investigation we had found that the census and registration records for several of our boys were conflicting. This was true for the records in our office as well as in the county office. Upon the advice of the secretary of the state league, we secured statements from the parents. These are final authority.

“The policy of this school is to maintain high standards of conduct, scholarship and eligibility in every respect and to conform strictly to the requirements of the state league. If these are violated it will be without our knowledge or consent and when discovered will be severely dealt with. Since this discussion has arisen we are subjecting our list to a most careful scrutiny. We will play a fair and square game and will do our best to win in our contests, but will accept defeat if it comes our way, with good grace. However, we cannot let outside teams pick our players and will not be bulldozed by opponents who may hope to win only by disqualifying our eligibles.”


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Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Parkhurst and son Asa, leave for Portland tonight. Mr. Parkhurst says they plan to open the lodge at the lake about May 1st, 1921, and to establish two or three camps between here and the lake next year and later to build inns at the camp locations. He says this is necessary in order to make the Crater Lake lodge a substantial paying investment. The attendance increases each year at the lake however and they have made some money this year.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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