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Mail Tribune 100, Oct. 26, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Oct. 26, 1920


J. A. Churchill, State Superintendent of Schools, Announces Action by Board of Control — Klamath Game on October 8th Declared Forfeited — Claim Boys Over Age.

Salem, Ore. Oct. 26.— Announcement was made today by J. A. Churchill, state superintendent of schools, that Medford high school has been suspended from the state high school athletic association until such time as Medford school authorities can disprove charges of violation of association rules.

The action was taken yesterday by the board of control of the state association, composed of A. C. Strange of Astoria high school, J. C. Nelson, principal of Salem high school and Superintendent Churchill.

A further action of the board was to declare the football game played between Medford and Klamath Falls on October 8 forfeited to Klamath Falls. The game was won by Medford, but Klamath Falls high school entered a protest charging that Medford had used ineligible players. These are said to have been ex-service men over 21 years old.


Superintendent Smith of the Medford schools, when informed of the above dispatch said he had received no official notice, but when the same arrived, he would have a public statement to make. Klamath Falls filed a protest after the first defeat by Medford.


“The Trigonia Oil & Gas Co. which has leased the Moody gulch oil property in the mountains near Los Gatos is now more than pleased with the results in the short time it has been in operation. Well No. 4 has been sunk 100 feet in the last three days and both oil and gas have been struck. The company considers that it gives promise of being a very good well ...”

The above is a copy of an article which appeared in the San Hose Herald under date of Oct. 21, 1920.

Medford, Oregon is the home of the parent Trigonia Oil & Gas company, and the California holdings are shared in by all Trigonia stockholders irrespective of where they bought the stock, and all holders of bonus stock statements will receive their stock certificate as soon as it is released by the corporation commissioner of the state of Oregon, which will be when oil or gas is produced in commercial quantities, which is what the company stated in the beginning of selling stock, and from the general appearance of present developments, both in Oregon and California, such state of production is very apt to be soon and those that have contracted for stock, as soon as they complete payment, will receive their stock certificates together with a statement that the bonus stock will be issued as above stated.

The resumption of local drilling is pending the arrival of Mr. Lilly, president of the company, and Mr. Josey, consulting engineer, and they are expected in a day or two.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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