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Mail Tribune 100, Nov. 17, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Nov. 17, 1920


There are no new clues to the whereabouts of Philip Forester, alias George Anderson, a forger, who hit Jailer Moses over the head with an oak club Saturday night, and escaped from the county jail. The authorities have about come to the conclusion that he has made a clean getaway.

According to Prosecutor Roberts, the fugitive walked away from 15 men in Talent because none of them had the nerve to try and stop him. He rode into Talent with Riley Nysvanner, and upon arrival there calmly departed unmolested.

Jailer Moses, who was badly beaten over the head in the escape, is resting easy, and will suffer no permanent injury. His ear is swollen up three times its natural size.


Ashland, Nov. 17. — “To learn to prepare well-balanced meals and serve them properly,” is the slogan as applied to the newly instituted Practice House, really an annex to the high school system, through nominally conducted under auspices of the Parent-Teacher association. Given a bevy of high school girls, and four at a time are selected to pursue a course of four consecutive weeks in practical domestic economics and other features calculated to develop an atmosphere of ideal home surroundings.

Incidentally, each girl begins the charade as an upstairs maid for the first week and downstairs maid for the second week. The third week she is purchasing agent for house supplies and assists directly at cooking. Having served three weeks on probation domestically, the fourth week she receives an assignment to take charge of the cooking, a responsibility which is supposed to be the climax as to household efficiency. Hence the designation, “Practice House,” a neat little home place on the Boulevard, which is equipped for this specific purpose and is receiving attention from instructors and pupils its merits deserve.


It has been many months since Medford and the valley had such a steady downpour of rain as fell in the 24 hours ending this morning at 8 o’clock, during which time 2.12 inches fell. Of this amount 1.74 inches fell last night.

The street intersections were flooded throughout the city because of catch basins filling up with dead leaves and rubbish which many people had allowed to accumulate in their gutters. At several intersections small lakes were formed causing pedestrians to take long detours, and at other places the streets were so filled that one could not cross the street without wading almost ankle deep in water. Leaky roofs on which repairs had been neglected caused damage in a number of homes.

The official prediction issued this morning was for more rain and colder temperature for tonight. Since Monday 2.18 of an inch of rain has fallen in this city.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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