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Mail Tribune 100, Nov. 30, 1920

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Nov. 30, 1920


Joe Thomas, of Cincinnati who says he has secured the informal endorsement of the boxing commission for launching of an athletic club in this city, proposes to follow the Court Hall plan of conducting future boxing bouts. This plan is to have one event of outside talent of known and proven merit, and to make up the rest of the bill with local talent, with pugilistic inclinations. The activities of Mr. Thomas would be under the supervision of the boxing commission.

Mr. Thomas has had considerable experience in the boxing game and is a trainer and physical culturist. He is responsible for the improved showing of Jess Ingram, the local boy who met Dave Edwards, in the fizzle last Friday night, and Johnny Carlson is also his protege.

Further plans for the rehabilitation of the boxing game in this city will be discussed, and it is expected to have the first bouts under the new order before the end of December.


Sheriff Terrill and deputies spent all day Monday and last night until midnight searching the brush near Hornbrook, Calif., for a man in hiding there whom it is suspected may be George Anderson, the check forger who made a sensational escape from the county jail one Saturday night recently. The man was seen at a distance several times, but quickly disappeared each time, and all efforts to get near him proved futile. The sheriff and his deputies arrived in Medford at 1 a.m. today. The Hornbrook authorities will continue the search.


Citizens of Jacksonville are circulating a petition for the appointment of a special prosecutor to try the Bank of Jacksonville cases at the February term of the circuit court. The petition is directed to the governor who has the power to appoint a special prosecutor. The chief reason set forth is that a local prosecutor would be more or less subject to influence and opinion.

Prosecutor-elect Rawles Moore said Monday:

“A committee waited on me and asked about the special prosecutor. I told them that my mind was open, and that December 1st, I would begin work on collecting evidence, data, etc., for the trial of the cases at the February term.”

Hearings of arguments on the demurrers filed against the indictments in the bank failure will be heard before Judge F. M. Calkins in the circuit court Wednesday morning at 9:30 o’clock.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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