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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 18, 1920 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Dec. 18, 1920 Continued


There is nothing new in the official report on Crater Lake. In every particular it merely confirms, the unanimous opinion of those people of Southern Oregon, who have closely studied the situation.

Every legitimate complaint can be traced back to one primary cause — lack of financial support. Where other national park concessions have been supported liberally by the government and state, the Crater Lake lodge has received nothing. Where other national park hotels have been financed by private subscriptions from public spirited individuals, Mr. Parkhurst has been compelled to handle his project alone — with only that financial assistance his individual credit allowed.

Naturally the hotel accommodations have been inadequate. Under similar circumstances the accommodations at any park hotel in the country would have been inadequate. The people of Oregon have been ready to agree regarding the scenic wonder of Crater Lake, there has been no dispute as to its potentialities as a tourist attraction, but when some tangible evidence of this faith in the shape of money, was asked, nothing has been forthcoming.

The detailed analysis of the situation also conforms to local opinion. Mr. Parkhurst is not temperamentally a hotel man. But he has done what no professional hotel man would do — he has sacrificed his personal fortune in the essential and difficult task of pioneering. But for him there would be no hotel accommodations at the lake at all. And for this public spirited sacrifice he deserves everlasting credit.

The committee suggests a man could be found better qualified than Mr. Parkhurst to carry on the work, but if Mr. Parkhurst’s retirement should be considered advisable, he must be reimbursed for every penny he has put in. Here again the committee’s report coincides with public opinion in Jackson County.

The obvious remedy is to remove the fundamental cause — end public and private apathy and inaction, place the Crater Lake concession on an equality, with like concessions in other parks of the country. This means a concerted movement to secure financial assistance from an organization of business men in this state.


With irrigation construction starting early in the new year, with money soon available for a million dollars worth of good roads, the business outlook in Medford and the Rogue River valley, in spite of a country wide readjustment, has never looked better. And speaking of that readjustment, Chairman Harding of the Federal Reserve board, puts it correctly when he states, this process is the proper medicine for curing a serious financial disease and restoring Uncle Sam to unprecedented financial health.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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