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Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 28, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Jan. 28, 1921


The Jackson County Farm Bureau is putting on a campaign to secure a membership made up of 90 percent of the farm families of the county.

The farm families of Jackson County need the Farm Bureau because it helps the entire family, father, mother, the boys and girls.

The Farm Bureau here in Jackson County has made the farmer more prosperous. Through the eradication of the digger squirrel, through the use of fertilizers, on alfalfa and orchards especially, through better methods in the handling of live stock and poultry. The farmer is each year depositing in the banks of Jackson County thousands of extra dollars as the result of increased production, brought about by Farm Bureau activities.

The farm home comes in for its share of attention. The good wife on the farm should be efficient, and to be efficient she needs the best of tools with which to carry on her work. She feeds the farm family, and surely it should be done with the same amount of system and intelligence that is used by the farmer in feeding the cattle, hogs or chickens. She must take care of the clothing problem, and here she has a job in the making and keeping in repair the wearing apparel for the whole family, that requires no small degree of labor and ingenuity. She must take over the major share of the training of the children. On her rests the burden of making the farm home, a real home, a home in which the boys and girls, the farmer himself, may find comfort, sociability, happiness. A home that will keep the children and the farm.

So the Farm Bureau aims to bring to the housewife help along all of these lines and many a Jackson County farm home is better, brighter, more efficient, because of its activities.

The boys and girls belong to the Farm Bureau and through the club work, in which the Bureau takes an active part, the boys are being helped to become better farmers and the girls to make better farmer’s wives.

The whole family is interested in the movement for a greater Farm Bureau in Jackson County. It will give us better farms and farmers, better farm homes, better wives and mothers. Better farms and farm homes in years to come, because we are helping the boys and girls of today to become what the modern farmer must be; intelligent, progressive and self respecting.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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