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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 5, 1921 Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Feb. 5, 1921, continued

Please note the following is a continuation of the article “Situation at Salem Looks Bad,” the first half of which ran Friday, Feb. 5, and features commentary from Representative Ben C. Sheldon.

Uphill Work

“This situation also hits our request for an armory at Medford. We are making a fight for both these measures and hope to win, but it will be uphill work.

“The road program is lagging lamentably. The road committee in the house is composed of excellent men, but of a temperament that passes judgment upon measures laid before them rather than start constructive work. Mr. Carter and Mr. Wright, the chairman, are doing excellent work and we hope they will pull a program together within the next few days.

“Beside his work on the road committee, Mr. Carter is on the committee to propose a reapportionment of the legislative districts of the state. Again he is up against a hard proposition. I am afraid that we shall have to defeat any reapportionment whatever, or be the loser under any adopted.

“There are a number of local propositions which are receiving careful attention, Senator Thomas being the only lawyer in our delegation, is giving a lot of time to these measures.”


A new brand of bread is being placed upon the local market by the Pullman Baking Company which will be sold under the trade-mark of Schulz’s Butter-Roll bread. It is something new in the baking line and is made only of the finest materials and under the most sanitary conditions. The Pullman company constructed one of the most modern bakeries in the state last summer on North Central avenue which has won high praise from the state inspectors. Its modern equipment including the latest dough mixers, scalers, ovens and wrapping machines enables them to put on the market large quantities of bread which have become very popular with Medford people.

The Schulz’s, proprietors of the Pullman company, consider this new Butter-Roll bread an achievement in their baking work and feel confident that it will be popular with local people who enjoy good things to eat and wish to patronize home activities. It is for sale by all dealers.


Interest in the drilling at the Trigonia oil well has much increased in the past two days during which the oil indications have become more pronounced. The 800 feet of 10 inch casing had all been set by Thursday, which shut off the water in the well hole for that depth. Yesterday drilling was resumed and the drill was sent thru sediment five feet deep at the bottom of the hole, stirring this up and thus enabling the drillers to bail it out. Every time the bailer comes up it shows live oil. J. D. Bell of the Nash Hotel and others who visited the well Friday are enthusiastic not only over the showing of oil but at the prospects of striking oil in commercial quantity.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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