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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 14, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

Feb. 14, 1921


Have-a-Heart tag day for the Albertina Kerr nursery brought in close to two hundred dollars. The exact amount will be announced as soon as all the money is in. The school children deserve almost all of the credit for without their efficient and faithful work Medford would never have made her quota. A bevy of them were at work in the residence district Friday after school and Saturday morning before seven at the public market and all day long they faithfully tagged every one who didn’t wear their tag in plain sight.

Ruth Miller and Clara Wisely won the Shasta box of candy by selling $42.80 worth of tags.

Keith Howard worked alone and won the Sugarbowl box of candy by selling $39. 75 worth of tags.

Pearl Reed and Susan Vimont won second prize which was a box of candy offered by Mrs. Locke. They sold $34.45 worth of tags.

A special prize of another box of candy was offered by the Valley Candy company and a friend, to Helen Shirly who sold $23.60 worth of tags. This youngster did a good sized amount of house work before she could start out, getting a neighbor to bake her bread after she had it ready for the oven and also danced at the Lincoln Tea in the afternoon and still came in third among the girls, and if it were counted that she worked alone, she sold the greatest number.

The chairman of the committee wishes to thank all who helped, the Golden Rule for their balcony for headquarters and the donators of the prizes, and Mr. Tait, who acted as treasurer.


The people of the city except those few who are gluttons for punishment will be satisfied if Sunday’s storm is the last of the season and no more rain or snow fall. Over fifteen inches of precipitation here seems to satisfy the average citizen.


This week’s bargain directory for Medford Day which appears elsewhere in today’s paper contains some values that will make even the mail order houses “sit up and take notice.” Medford merchants are cooperating in an earnest endeavor to annihilate the old “H. C. of L.” bungaboo and brings prices down to a pre-war basis or even better. That the people of Jackson county appreciate these weekly bargain days is shown by the excellent patronage enjoyed by local merchants every Wednesday.


Over 2,000 cans of government bacon have been sold in eight weeks by the Grocerteria. Better get what you want before it’s all gone.


Prize waltz at Talent Friday night. The Hub Shoe store of Medford will give a fine pair of Walk-Over shoes to the gentleman of the winning couple.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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