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Mail Tribune 100, March 1, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 1, 1921


Opening arguments by state and defense were made, and a jury finally selected in the case of Lark N. Evans, on trial before Judge D. V. Kuyendall of Klamath county, in the circuit court this morning.

The jury selected after an entire day of questioning and cross questioning, in which every challenge allowed by law was used is as follows ... Outside of two merchants and a musician, the jury is composed entirely of farmers, and some of its members are serving their first time as jurors. To secure it a special venire to twelve was exhausted.

On his opening statements to the jury, District Attorney Rawles Moore told the jury the well known story of the alleged crime, how W. G. White, a Grants Pass jitney operator on September 13, 1919, was hired by the defendant, Lark Evans, and in company with a woman purporting to be his wife, for a drive which culminated in the hold up and binding and gagging of White on an isolated byroad back of Jacksonville, and how afterwards he was identified by White at Klamath Falls. The defense filed an objection to this statement to the jury.

Attorney Gus Newbury for the defense in his opening remarks told the jury that he would prove by witnesses and the records of Medford firms that at the time when White alleges Evans was holding him up he was engaged in putting a vacuum tank on the Blue Ledge mine auto, and will account for his movements on the day of the alleged crime in this city. This is the new evidence upon which the supreme court granted a new trial, and W. R. Coleman, Sam Sandry, Wilbur Ashpole, Charles P. Talent and Mrs. Whal have been subpoenaed. Sales and time records of the Hines & Snider and A. W. Walker garages and sales departments will be introduced in support of the contentions.

The defense will endeavor, according to its chief council, to show that almost at the hour set as the time for the commission of the alleged crime, Evans was working on the Blue Ledge car, and that the work was being done on the complaint of Sam Sandry that his machine would not climb the Jacksonville hill.

“I’ll make that car climb the Jacksonville hill,” Attorney Newbury told the jury, Evans remarked to Sandry, after an investigation, “What she needs is a new vacuum tank.”

Then Sandry said: “You’ve put everything else on that car, for ---- sake, put on a vacuum tank.”

Evans, according to the statement went to the A. W. Walker Auto company and bought a vacuum tank, as employees of the auto concern will testify.

The defense will also introduce the register of the Holland Hotel to show that Evans and wife registered there on September 9th, and the state has a handwriting expert to determine if the signature is that of Evans.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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