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Mail Tribune 100, March 14, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 14, 1921


In order that Medford citizens might be informed as to the result of the conference at Portland on Friday and Saturday of last week as regards Crater Lake development plans, they were invited to ride to Ashland yesterday morning in the private car of Vice-President E. O. McCormick, of the Southern Pacific Railway.

Besides E. O. McCormick, there was present Horace Albright, representing the National Park bureau and A. B. C. Dohrman of San Francisco who is president of the Yosemite Park company. A general outline was given as to how proper accommodations could be give the public at Crater Lake and at the same time make an investment there a profitable one.

Alfred L. Parkhurst, the present owner of the Crater Lake concession, has made a very liberal offer for the sale of his interest there and it is now believed that a better understanding exists as to his willingness to accept the ideas as advanced by the National Park bureau.


There has been some objection by members of the Chamber of Commerce on account of the return envelopes of the primary election and referendum on the community chest being numbered, because there is a belief that it will become known as to how they voted.

No such apprehension should be entertained by the members. It is necessary that return envelopes be numbered so that the same may be checked with the member’s name and thereby avoid fraud. Whenever an envelope is received having the number of a member who has not paid his dues to April 1st, it is placed to one side and unless a check for the amount is enclosed covering the dues to the date mentioned, the vote is not counted.

The ballots are not opened until after the polls are closed. This is done by the tellers who have absolutely no access to the membership numbers. There is no possible chance for anyone to know how any member voted. One ballot was received last week with the number of the return envelope erased. The result of this necessitates throwing out of this ballot, because no check is possible as to it coming from a member who has not paid his dues to the first of April.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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