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Mail Tribune 100, March 19, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 19, 1921


“Dud” Wolgamott, a well known resident of this city who went to Los Angeles last week with Sheriff Terrill and others as witnesses in a case in the southern city, was robbed of a $2,500 diamond by pickpockets.

Wolgamott, while talking in his room with friends, received a telephone message that someone wanted to see him in the lobby. He went downstairs and after a search, finding no one, bought a newspaper, and entered the elevator to return to his companions.

When Wolgamott entered the elevator, six well-dressed and affable young men entered with him, and on the upward trip considerable jostling occurred. Wolgamott got off at the seventh floor, so did the passengers, and they took Mr. Wolgamott’s diamond with them.

The theft of the diamond was discovered soon afterwards, and an alarm raised, but no trace found.

The loss was reported to the Los Angeles police, who after questioning a friend of Wolgamott’s at great length, took up other clues without success.

A reward of $500 was offered by Wolgamott in an ad in a newspaper for the return of the stone.

Sheriff Terrill reports that shortly before the robbery of the local man an Eastern tourist was robbed of $75,000 worth of jewels.

Wolgamott wore the pin in his shirt, and the crooks cut it loose with a pair of nippers.


Much favorable comment is heard on the streets of Medford about the new buses just put on by the Interurban Auto Company on their runs to Ashland and Grants Pass. Mr. Lewis has just turned out three new jobs, one of them being a very pretty job with seats for 22 regular passengers with seven extra seats. Mr. Lewis is standardizing on his equipment to the White truck, having just added three new Whites, making a total of five large White buses, one of which has already run over 100,00 miles.


Work is progressing on the new city hall annex. The steel parts of the large vault arrived this week and are being put in place. By the time the concrete floor is laid and the windows are put in the vault will be dried out and the structure ready for use.


The first dance for years given by the high school student body was held last night at the Natatorium, which proved a delightful and largely attended affair, attended also by the alumni and school board members and faculty.


The post office staff is still somewhat disorganized from the effect of illness among the attaches. A. H. Wissing, R. F. D. carrier on route 2, who underwent a nose operation recently expects to be able to return to work the first of the week. Clerk Roland Beach has recovered from his flu illness and went to work again yesterday. Carrier B. F. Neff who has quite a severe attack of flu is still sick and his wife was said today to be coming down with the same illness.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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