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Mail Tribune 100, March 19, 1921, Continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago.

March 19, 1921, continued


Unless City Council Reverses Judgment, Believed P. & E. Terminal Will Not Be Considered — Councilman Keene Leads Opposition.

Although there is considerable interest in the proposition by which the city is asked to purchase the Pacific and Eastern Railroad terminal property to be converted into a new city auto camp grounds, there is little likelihood of the deal being made unless the city councilmen change their minds from the attitude on the project assumed by them at their meeting last Tuesday night when the subject was up for discussion before it had been made public.

While the councilmen and mayor all admitted that the asked for purchase would be a good investment in time at the price asked, $20,000, and terms, yet while taking no formal action the subject was dropped after Dr. Keene put up vigorous opposition, declaring that it would be unwise to obligate the city to such a large debt for this purpose at this time in view of the unsettled financial conditions existing throughout the country and the financial status of the city. He dwelt especially on the fact that to him it seemed absurd for the council after having just voted to pay off $38,000 of the city’s bonded indebtedness, due April 1, to go into debt again for $20,000.

Therefore, the councilmen dropped the proposal and with the mayor, discussed the matter of either fixing up the present auto camp grounds or of purchasing some other site at a comparatively small sum.

The present outlook is that unless the councilmen are awakened by public opinion, Medford will continue to have among tourists the reputation of having one of the worst city auto camp grounds on the Pacific coast for a city of its importance and size on a main traveled highway.

The proposal for the city to purchase the Pacific and Eastern terminal grounds at $20,000 has been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce directors, the Camber of Commerce forum and many business men and property owners. An endorsement is expected also from the Greater Medford Club.

The offer to sell the Pacific and Eastern property of 19 acres, including the brick depot property for $20,000, is as follows: Cash payment down of $,3000, and the balance to be payable in city warrants payable at the rate of $2,000 or more yearly, interest at 6 percent payable semiannually. Or, if the city desires to purchase the other buildings than the depot on the property, the price is $21,500.

Adherents of the proposed purchase point out that the location is central and almost ideal for a commodious city auto camp grounds, the 19 acres extending between East Main street and Jackson street, and from the west side of Bear creek with a big East Main frontage. They point out that with comparatively little expense it could be made very attractive and that the depot building could be used for headquarters and shelter structure, that shower baths and other conveniences could be installed therein. The 19 acres would also provide a children’s playground and general park in addition to an auto camp grounds.

— Alissa Corman;acorman@rosebudmedia.com

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