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Mail Tribune 100, April 16, 1921, continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

April 16, 1921, continued


The W. C. T. U. met at the home of Mrs. Godlove on North Bartlett street Thursday afternoon. An interesting discussion was raised as how to better conditions in Medford. It would be a good plan if parents who allow their children to attend the dance and movies would go with their children to these places. It would also be a wise plan if all children had to go straight home from school and were kept in off the streets nights. A single standard of morals is the only standard. There are some of the points advocated by various women at that meeting. We want to see better conditions along these lines in Medford.


Made-in-Oregon week will be celebrated April 24th to 30th. As a part of this campaign, a Made-in-Medford week would be eminently fitting. Just as it is important for the people of Oregon to purchase products from their own state rather than from outside, so it is important for the people of Medford to purchase products from their own city, rather than outside.

If a display of Made-in-Oregon products is made at the Chamber of Commerce building, there should also be a display of Made-in-Medford products. Medford makes flour, cement products, catsup, cigars, canned goods, apple juice, boxes, furniture, automobile parts, brooms, and many other things. Let this fact be emphasized and advertised by an attractive display. The Made-in-Oregon week is an excellent idea — to include a Made-in-Medford week — or Made-in-Jackson County — would be an even better one, and add materially to the effectiveness of the campaign.


There is a great deal of weather in the news today. There has been a great deal of weather for some time. So we suggest to some of our friends with a penchant for lugubrious blue, to read the reports carefully.

There has been some disposition of late to throw bricks at the weather man. He has given us some nippy mornings, some frosty nights, and consequently some smudge smoke. There may be more along the same line, for this is a freak season, and light frosts in early May are not unheard of.

But whatever the future, let Mr. L. B. keep the report of what the weatherman has done elsewhere. Let him observe balmy Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida and Georgia, and then just a glimpse at that tourists paradise, Colorado, and so on throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois.

Scores killed, millions lost by wind and more millions by snow — that is the weather record elsewhere. Can anyone think of a better advertisement than to print the true record of the weather in the Rogue River Valley, with the true record elsewhere?

We doubt it.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com