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Mail Tribune 100, April 23, 1921, continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

April 23, 1921, continued


Hereafter it will be a very dangerous proceeding for hold up men to steal any mail in transit to of from, or in the Medford post office, for in accordance with a general order issued by Will H. Hays, Postmaster General, to all postmasters, all postal employees handling essential mail will be armed with .45 caliber Colt army revolvers while on duty. It is rumored that the army revolvers, belts and ample ammunition have already been received at the various post offices.

In addition the postmaster general proclaims that a reward of $5,000 will be paid for any mail robber captured by a postal employee. No reward has ever been offered by the department heretofore.

The reason of this arming of employees and the reward is an endeavor to put an end to the epidemic of mail robberies of the past few months throughout the United States.

While Postmaster Warner admits that such orders have been received, he is vague as to giving out any of the details. However, it is known that Cliff Beckett at the money order window will wear one of the revolvers although his usual grouch and faith in the rabbit foot he always wears would seem to be all that is necessary to drive away robbers. Roland Beach and Claude M. Houston at the stamp windows will rely solely on their guns and earnest prayers if ever attacked, and the other clerks will take to the hills instantly if they ever see either one of the two start to draw his weapon, as either is liable to shoot backwards or sideways when excited.

Tom Norris, who hauls the mails between the depot and the post office will probably wear two revolvers.


That Medford Merchants are live-wire progressives is again demonstrated by the Busy Corner Motor Company of this city who will receive a shipment of autos by truck from Portland the first of the week. This is the first shipment of this kind made in Oregon and is done to reduct freight costs.

The trucks used are Republic and the autos are Overlands, both lines of which are sold by this firm.

Walter Bowne, one of the proprietors of the Busy Corner Motor Company, was in Portland last week, and arranged for the shipment.


Have two old shoes made new by Happy Bob at Kidd’s Shoe Store. I have just installed a new Champion shoe stitcher of the most modern type, and my shop is now equipped in every detail to rebuild your old shoes. With my many years of experience they can be made as good as new in appearance and wear when rebuilt at my shop with all of the latest improved shoe repairing equipment.


Ladies of Medford and the valley are requested to visit Mann’s store Saturday and Monday and have the good points of Cameo corsets explained.


Bids were opened Friday and awards will be announced today by the state highway commission for 77 miles of improvement of the state highway at an expense of approximately one million and a quarter dollars, including the paving of 3.98 miles of the pacific highway between Gold Hill and Grants Pass.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com