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Mail Tribune 100, April 25, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

April 25, 1921


Products manufactured in Jackson County are on exhibit at the Chamber of Commerce rooms. These should be seen by every resident in the county, so that he may acquaint him or herself with what is being made here at home.

In buying merchandise, price and quality being equal to that being manufactured elsewhere, residents of Jackson County should purchase the home product. In buying products of our own manufacturers, we contribute to the prosperity to our own county, whereas, the purchase from other manufacturers contributes to the advancement of some other district at a sacrifice of our own interest.

No merchandise is being offered for sale at the exhibit as it is intended to be purely educational. It is considered important that residents of the county know what is being manufactured here so that they may intelligently talk or write to prospective residents of what made in the Rogue River Valley means.

Very frequently people come to Medford and say: “What is there that I could engage in to make money and become a permanent resident?” The exhibit shows what others have done and the initiative of the prospective resident mus necessarily decide as to what opportunity he can see to utilize the products of the soil or forest as to what he can do.

People reared in agricultural pursuits have not the trained mind as to the requirements of manufacturing. The opposite is true of the manufacturer who seldom is successful in agricultural, therefore the development of Jackson County depends upon two distinct classes. With water power development to its fullest extent and with present high transcontinental rail rates, the west is coming into its own as to the manufacture of the products which are used here.

The exhibits at the Chamber of Commerce may be seen all during this week.


W. O. Hadley, who has charge of building all fish ladders in the state for the Fish and Game commission, came down Sunday to inspect the washout of part of the Ament dam.

Bert Anderson, Mr. Hadley and Pat Daily inspected the dam and find a section of about 40 feet wide in the main part of the dam out, with obstructions in the same and water pouring through the opening. The break also lowers the water below the fish ladders on either side of the dam. Something will be done at once to get an opening for the fish to get upstream.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com