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Mail Tribune 100, April 27, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

April 27, 1921


When it comes to a show down between the forces of law and order and those of vice, including bootleggers, the Medford post of the American Legion can be depended on to support the officers.

This warning to evil doers is promulgated through the executive committee of the post which at its meeting Monday night discussed a scurrilous, profane and unsigned type-written letter addressed to Patrolman J. A. Hempstreet abusing him and Deputy Sheriff J. J. McMahon for their anti-booze activities.

In part the letter, with certain cuss words left out, says:

“Just a little note of warning to tell you that you are getting too fresh. You say you are out to get the drunks and bootleggers, but I want to tell you if you do not go slow the bootleggers will get you. And Joe McMahon, that other officious officer, we will get him, too. Its a _____ of a lot of liberty we have when a man can’t take a drink when he wants to without some fool officer butting in. So take warning in time.”

Both Patrolman Hempstreet and Deputy Sheriff McMahon while they laugh at the above mentioned threat and others that have reached them directly or indirectly, serve notice on bootleggers any effort to get them must be done quickly as they are prepared to give a warm reception to any persons attacking them.


Portland, Ore., April 27.— Crater Lake Nation park will be formally opened July 1 by officials of the newly organized Crater Lake National Park Company, it is announced. The company today declared its intention to make Crater Lake service on a par with the service at Yosemite and Glacier National parks and to make it a model establishment for tourists. Special attention is to be directed to transportation facilities between Crater Lake and Medford. A former head stage man from Yosemite is to be manager of the transportation service and announcement will be made later as to the schedule and stages.

A. P. Parkhurst who had the hotel at the lake is now entirely out of the institution.

He expressed himself as well pleased with the result of the efforts of the Crater Lake commission in bringing about plans for the adequate development at the lake.

“Crater Lake had reached a degree of importance in the future development of the tourist business of the state that rendered it impossible longer to neglect the interests of the people of Oregon,” said Mr. Parkhurst. “The growth of other parks has made it absolutely imperative that a very large development take place at Crater Lake in the near future.

“Mr. Hauser and Mr. Vawter, with other members of the committee, deserve the thanks of the entire state for their patriotic efforts in developing a satisfactory solution. The improvements which are to be made this year will give greatly increased facilities for taking better care of the tourists who are desirous of visiting this great scenic wonder.”


New York, April 27.— Babe Ruth was fined $25 in traffic court today for driving his automobile up Broadway last week at 27 miles an hour.

Half an hour before court opened, a crowd had gathered to see the baseball star. After “Babe” had fumbled his cap nervously, admitted he was sorry and paid the lowest fine the court could impose, the crowd cheered.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com